Juicy Cayman 2001

Jennifer Avventura Weekly Photo Challenge SummerWhat a juicy little island Grand Cayman is. On most maps you can’t even see her, she’s just a wee little speck in the Caribbean and her seven-mile beach is one of the most pristine places these brown eyes have seen.

Georgetown, Grand Cayman is only seconds from the magnificent seven mile beach. In 2001 I upped and left Canada for two years for the stunning miles of Cayman.

Cayman is always said with an air of sophistication and attitude. It’s a place to be seen; a place where money changes hands … frequently; where dirty deeds are done, dirt cheap; where chained up men seek comfort; where seven mile long beaches s t r e t c h out; where pure white sand and heavenly salt air mixes, stirring you, moving you and exhilarating your soul.

She’s a beautiful island to visit. Go for a week, stay for a month. Word of warning though – It is expensive. One hotel charges $10KYD for a 500ml bottle of water. I only agreed to pay the stupid price because I was dying of thirst and well I’m slightly stubborn. I later regretted the purchase and felt utterly guilty for spending such money on water. I believe that water should be accessible for all … everywhere.

There is a naughty side to Cayman, and she comes slightly shaken and gracefully dirty. The night life is fast and furious for the 20-40 crowd. The disco clubs pump out the latest gyrating spectacular and women emuleate Madonna from Like a Virgin on the dance floor. One bar in particular that sticks is Obar. It’s on Seven Mile Beach and was the hot spot in 2001, and for about five years after that, till they tired out of ideas or some of the late night shennigans caught up with them.

Why does this bar sticks out among the thousands I’ve been in around the world?

Well, it had a bed. If you were privileged enough to get to the next level (being privileged depended on plenty of things: being local, a local expat, a hot babe/dude on holiday, do you have money? You’re privileged. You get in.) you’d be privy to plenty of dirty naughty things.

Behind the main bar is a red wall, showcasing bottles of expensive champagne, brandy and whiskey. Behind that red wall is a small black spiral staircase, going up. The room is small but large enough for a three person bar and a six-person table. There are two sofa’s arranged slightly away from each other; one facing the DJ booth and one against a heavy lace black curtain. Behind that black curtain is the bed.

You want to know if I got on that bed? I did see the bed. It was occupied, and repulsed me. I was privileged to access the next level and witness things out-of-the-ordinary but by no means was I going to give the privilege to some one-night stud to get his privilege. The jacuzzi out back was pretty steamy.





  1. The beach sounds amazing but that nightclub? Too sketchy for my ancient eyes!

    1. At the time it was the best nightclub on the island – and I loved it. But I was younger and not married! 🙂

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